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Having my picture taken with you was a relaxing experience. I felt as though I was in the hands of someone who knows their craft in and out, and would deliver perfection regardless of my shortcomings.  You were chatty and welcoming and that helped create a warm atmosphere, which kicked off the shoot to a great start. Furthermore, you were very handy with offering tips on how to pose, what to accentuate to improve a pose, and how to work with the camera… perhaps because you used to model, thus know the tricks of the trade? Whichever it is, it makes you a fantastic photographer to work with. 
You understood how tense and strange being in front of the camera could be, and you remedied it.
Thogi, Nairobi


You showed a side of me I never thought I could appreciate. … After I saw the photos I think it opened me to being more comfortable in my true skin … You’re such a talented young soul & really see the things beautiful as they are. The images you create are definitely ones that embrace natural beauty.  Shooting with you was an overall great experience and I wanna say thank you again for the self esteem boost and showing me more about myself I couldn’t see long ago.  
Carol Linh Lee, Nairobi / Dubai

You allow a person to really be themselves, and just before things start to feel awkward or stale you jump in with a question or a thought that may not necessarily be related to the shoot but unmasks whatever genuine emotion you intend to capture. I think of myself as naturally quite shy, and I usually expect to look awkward and goofy in pictures, but both times I’ve had shoots with you so far I’ve looked forward to being in front of your camera and excited to see the end results. I see myself in the mirror every single day, but there’s still something so special about seeing myself through your lens.

I was in disbelief at how amazing you make me look! You manage to capture such genuine moments that I feel like I’m seeing my true self through someone else’s eyes. … although feeling so stripped down and vulnerable in your pictures is shocking at first, it makes me feel truly beautiful.  Usually when someone takes a picture of me, I look for all the possible flaws that can be seen: skin imperfections, awkward poses or expressions etc.. but whenever you’ve taken pictures of me I’ve been like “wow! I’m gorgeous!”
Your pictures make me love myself. 🙂
Stefanie, Nairobi


It was such an easy photoshoot! I [felt like I] was guided by a professional who kindly and softly directed all my poses and appearance in front of the camera. I wish there were more people in this industry like you.
Juliana, Amsterdam

When I first saw your work … it really enchanted me.  It’s always slightly nerve-wracking working with a photographer for the first time, but you were easy to work with and made me feel comfortable immediately.  You are so friendly … shooting with you has definitely turned out to be worth it!
Jessica, Amsterdam

I really love them! Besides the fact that it’s the real me I’m seeing in the pics (instead of a completely made up person) they remind me of one of the best Saturdays in years.
Marieke, Amsterdam

The pictures taken of me and my family by you ended up looking even more incredible than I could have imagined. You were successfully able to capture the key moments that made us as a family who we are, and all your images brought out the true essence and character in all of us. In this way the pictures are beyond timeless, as I feel they were able to show something beautiful where we may not have noticed it before. Above all this, is the fact that you are also a joy to work with and very comfortable to have around. You are more than just a photographer, you are a friend – and the level of comfort you inspire can be found back in the very images described before.
Kevin van Dijck (Deejay Kace), Nairobi

Working with you is like seeing yourself for the first time in a film that you didn’t realise was being made about you.
Susan Heyward, NYC

I was worried I might be more shy in front of the camera or that the setting might make us (Mark and Me) look like we were posing too much, but I couldn’t have been more wrong! The entire shoot felt so natural, we were both relaxed and comfortable the whole time and the end results were amazing! Being able to remember an occasion we spent together and have pictures that show the love we feel for each other captured at the time is such a gift! Many years from now I can see us showing our kids these pictures as an example of what love should be like. Mark and I are so lucky that you have such a talent for capturing a moment of emotion – otherwise we could be two people that had never met before, posing for a camera. Instead, I feel like even if I were somebody else looking in, I can see the years of deep rooted love between us.”
Mark & Stefanie, Nairobi

Even now I am still mesmerized by all the photos. I think your general lovely nature made me feel completely relaxed around you, even while you were shooting. I have always thought of my self a lost case when it comes to being photogenic, but after looking at the pictures I actually couldnt believe it was me!!!!!!
Your passion to shoot in natural light I feel is what brings out these awesome shots, and your fun loving nature helps capture such special moments; nothing felt forced it all just simply flowed.
Thank you Melissa for capturing such beautiful pictures of this special day for us.
You are talented beyond words!
Cherry, Nairobi

You got the most unexpected images of all of us keeping these treasures forever in our home and in our hearts.
And for our friends who couldn’t make it, they can re-live our special day through your images.
Was fantastic working with you as you were calm throughout the day and all your creativity has added a special album in our lives thank you for being there.
Rhoda, Nairobi

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