DRAFT: Thank you for clicking the Instagram Challenge link!

by Melissa de Blok

You did it!  You clicked the link!

While that might not seem like a big deal, did you know that 70% of people forget to click the link?  You’d think they’d be checking their email every second for me, but no…. they just turn out to be a disappointment.

But you, my friend, you are not a disappointment.
Nay, you are a pioneer, a rock, a sight that only matches the stature of heroes!
…I’ve been reading a lot of Brandon Sanderson recently – I apologise.

So what’s next?

Proactive.  I like it.

Here are some awesome things you can do:

  1. Follow me on Instagram by clicking here, and then let me know you just signed up to the Instagram Challenge.
  2. Reply to the next email letting me know your biggest issue on Instagram, so that I don’t feel like I’m yelling at people with headphones.
  3. Sign up for Melissa Mondays at the bottom of this page (but only if you like me).

Or, just have a look at my blog.
Because it’s awesome.
Just like you.

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